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Tactical Dysfunction is a laid-back, adults-only SWTOR guild on the Jedi Covenant server.  We specialize in the weird, random, and impossible, and value people over progression.  This mentality has served us well in other games, and we plan to continue our tradition of "You can really do that?" in The Old Republic.

Interested?  Contact Trasken, Roxina, Quickdrawbob, or Zagel ingame, or post here on the public forums for more information.
Guild News

World Bosses and You

Roxinarawr, Feb 29, 12 1:55 PM.
Hello, my darlings!  I've only got a few signups for Saturday night's Op.  Please fix this!

Also, I've only gotten about four people voting on the polls.  If you don't vote, I'm going to go with whatever works best for my schedule and the folks that have voted.  Polls close this week!  Make sure you get your clicks in.

Now, world bosses.  Earlier this week I got a half TacDys/Half PUG raid together for the Hoth boss, Gargath.  It's a quick, easy kill and there's no reason we can't keep this guy on farm.  We'll need a good eight people online, just to make the DPS check, but I'll take pretty much anyone that can get to him.  Artificers, you should be asking to kill this guy every time he's up, because he drops one of your magenta crystal recipes.  I've got a spotter parked at his spawnpoint, and I check her at least once an hour unless I'm wrapped up in stuff or at work.

I want to get the Belsavis boss down and on farm, but that fight is considerably harder than the Hoth boss, and will require more of us online to manage.  With the way the adds on the fight work, I'd like to have at least two but ideally three tanks, and dedicated healers for each tank along with one for raid healing.  (I can get away with less, but I like to overman until we've got stuff on farm, because I'm lazy.)  If he's up, and we can field at least six, I will go to Fleet and PUG the rest of the Op.  I'm not above that, because at this point...any chance at loot for our people, even if we're splitting with randos, is better than no chance at all.

Anyway!  I will see you all ingame, my darlings.  Roxi out.

Polls, Raid Info, and the Importance Of Signing Up For Ops

Roxinarawr, Feb 22, 12 6:05 PM.
Rawr!  Saturday's toe-dip into Karagga's was a good ready check, and gave us a good baseline for what we need to do better and what we're already freakin' amazing at in our Ops.

So!  I've re-posted the scheduling polls, with some modifications.  Please vote!  I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone in the guild chimes in on this!  If what's listed in the polls doesn't cover your availability, please post in the forums as soon as possible to let us know what WILL work.  We are a split-timezone guild, and I need to see if I can at all reconcile our US and EU playtimes.  These polls close in two weeks, and will lock in our final raid times.  The previous polls gave us Friday/Saturday 5pm-8pm EST as ideal raid slots.  I will run with those days/times this week and next week.  As of the polls' close on Friday, March 8, we will have a new set of days and times and they will be final barring major guild-changing events or a bloody coup d'etat.  VOTE!

Two events have been posted for this weekend in the evening timeslot.  On Friday, we're going to see about smashing the Belsavis world boss to get our artificers the magenta crystal recipe.  Exact start/pull time will depend heavily on whether or not the booger is up, but I want to have at least 12 people around for this.  I would prefer to keep loot in-house, and so do not want to PUG filler.  There's also another Karagga's attempt.  Please please PLEASE sign up for these events if you plan on attending, so I know what I've got to work with.

There is a new sticky in the members' section of the forums with some general operation guidelines and information.  Some of this is subject to change, but it will serve as a starting off point for developing a proper set of raid rules that will fit Tactical Dysfunction's unique brand of delicious insanity.  If you have concernss or suggestions, PM me here or ingame and we'll hash stuff out.

And last but not least...

Sign up for events if you want to attend!  I shouldn't have to say "no admittance if you haven't signed up."  We have eight slots, and about fourteen people wanting them- all with different roles, strengths, and availability.  I would  rather have all fourteen of you sign up and have to ask some people to sit standby than scrape and scrounge to figure out if people are going to be logging on, and what kind of a raid I can make with who's online.  Signups mean we can get in, get people sorted, and get to work with the whole killing dragons space mans thing in a timely manner.

Anyway!  Obligatory weekly news post updated.

Stay rawrsome, Tacdys!

Ninjas Raid Without Warning!

Roxinarawr, Feb 15, 12 5:33 PM.
*points at the calendar*  I added something.  You know what this means?  It means you read mah threadz, and then you sign up for the op if you're interested.

I recommend having beer and pizza, or whatever your raiding food/drink combo of happens to be on hand for the fun.

Let me know by FRIDAY if we need to change the time.  Yes, this is because I need to make sure I'm getting to bed at a good time and setting my alarm clock.

Download Teamspeak!

Roxinarawr, Feb 2, 12 11:28 AM.
Seriously guys.  Download it.  Install it.  Get the info and make sure you're set up with a headset and mic.  You should do this because we use voice chat heavily while grouping and raiding, but if that's not a good enough reason for you...

Do it for the whole onions in chicken soup, and three hours of me trying to find my mouse because I knocked it off my desk and can't find it (it was in the trash can this morning), and Artie's most fabulous giggling.  And what I think amounts to Taxicab Confessionals, TacDys style.  And random offers of marriage.  (How many of you did I directly or indirectly propose to last night?)

So yes.  Please to be downloading and making work your teamspeaks.  Love, your neighborhood friendly Spider-Officer.  Thing.  Stuff and junk.


One Month, One Week, One Day

Roxinarawr, Jan 28, 12 3:49 PM.
It's been a whole month, week, and day since TOR launched.  Wow, right?  We've got a strong core of 50s building, with more on the way in the next week or two.  We've regularly got enough to field two to three full groups online, and when we're all on we've got a full Op.  How cool is that?  And they say you can't build up just on friends and family recruitment.

Now that folks are getting capped out, it's time to start thinking about where we want to go from here and how we want to be approaching endgame.  A one or two night Op schedule is on the table for discussion, as well as regular group grind windows for Flashpoints, erp, and heroic dailies.  I'll be posting a few polls about Op nights, Grind nights, and scheduling in the next few days, so when you see them up please vote.  No complaining later if you don't contribute to the discussion now.

Things have been going phenomenally so far for us, and I only see them getting more awesome as the weeks go on.  Please, if you haven't already, download Teamspeak and make sure you've got it working with our voice server.  Several of us already hang out there and chat while playing, so even if you can't chat back for whatever reason it's a good way to get to know those of us who fail at spamming key binds, clicking, killing mans, and typing at the same time.

Catch you all ingame!
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